Friday, June 15, 2007

Transparent Rudy

This takes the cake. Giuliani apparently is a big fan of Ronald Reagan and even models himself after the beloved Republican President. This was said by Rudy at a political rally recently, according to Newsmax:

"What we’re lacking is strong, aggressive, bold leadership like we had with Ronald Reagan,”

Couldn't agree more, but then he says,

"As far as the things that developed my ideas and thinking, which developed as a much younger man, it was Ronald Reagan.”

Of course you did! I should have guessed by your ultra-conservative stance on issues like abortion, gun control and embryonic stem-cell research! Sheesh, could this guy be posturing for the Conservative votes he will need to get the nomination?

Then he nicely "rides the fence" by issuing this statement shortly after:

"I think President Bush made the single biggest decision of his presidency correctly. He put us on offense against terrorism. I will always admire him for that.”

So, he loves and admires Reagan, loves what President Bush has done with respect to terrorism, but overall disapproves of Bush's leadership style.

Some thought Rudy would be a bit clumsy at the political game, but as it turns out he (or his speech writer) is playing very while by staying right in the middle.

One quick note though Rudy, no one with half a brain is buying you as a conservative, that dog will not hunt.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Conservative Bloggers, Unite!

According to this Newsmax article, Fred Thompson is neck and neck with McCain in the polls with 17% support.

Thanks to Conservatives too afraid to do what is right, Rudy has 27%.