Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Legal Drugs in Mexico

According to this article on CNN's website. Mexico is a signature away from de-criminalizing several dangerous substances.

"No charges will be brought against ... addicts or consumers who are found in possession of any narcotic for personal use," according to the Senate bill, which also lays out allowable quantities for an array of other drugs, including LSD, ecstasy and amphetamines.

What is ironic is the penalties for selling these substances will remain.

It also stiffens penalties for trafficking and possession of drugs -- even small quantities -- by government employees or near schools, and maintains criminal penalties for drug sales.

Those who understand just how corrupt the Mexican government is will not be suprised by this news, while all others should pay careful attention because this is one of the countries we are planning on "joining" to become "The New America" where all of their inherent problems become ours!

Imagine how much money this new "law" will generate for Mexico as countless American college students and drug users flood the border towns looking for a fix.

The fact that we are in bed with this country in alot of ways should alarm you.


I'm not a fan said...

This is not good.

cynthia said...

I agree this is not good especially since cocaine and heroin are so addictive.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Yah, definitely not good news. And the fact that the Mexican government is so corrupt is the reason for a lot of our problems already i.e. illegal immigration!

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

From my understanding a conservative could soon be taking over Mexico. But it might surprise you to know that I'm actually kind of mixed on the subject of legalizing drugs.

Bullfrog said...

LMC: I agree, we are definitely "inheriting" alot of Mexico's issues, and it will only get worse in my estimation.

GG: I have heard the pro's and con's of legalization, and coming from a family of substance abusers, I think it would not make things better.

Dave Miller said...

Hey bullfrog,

As I am sure you are aware, the uproar over this proposal "persuaded" Vicente Fox to abandon his support of the bill. With the elections coming, it will not come up again until possibly 2007.

As one who serves in Mexico, easy access to drugs is not something we need south of the border.

Grey Ghost, there will be no conservative winning election this year in Mexico. The more conservative party, PRI, has Roberto Madrazo heading the ticket. Even the biggest priista doesn't really give him a chance.

The election right now is a contest between the leftist Manuel Lopez Obrador of the Labor Party and left of center Felipe Calderon of the Action Party.

Anonymous said...

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