Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Aftermath...

The successes this election of those more liberally minded folks is obvious, but what's with the bragging? A guy came by my desk and was telling me about all the great stuff Clinton did when he was in office!? They really are full of themselves right now.

I remember being polite when the Republicans won the House and although it may have occurred to me to run around telling every lib, "In your face!", I restrained myself.

Oh well, life goes on. There were a couple of key propositions that got passed that made me happy:

PROP A - build another airport in San Diego, not happenin'. We just renovated our existing airport at a huge cost.

PROP C - San Diego can contract out to non-city employees. Competition = better services at lower cost. Everybody wins.

PROP 1A - Make sure monies apportioned for a purpose is ACTUALLY USED for that purpose. Why we votin' on this again? Seems like common sense (unless you are a California beaurocrat).

PROP 83 - Tighter reins on sexual predators. They have to stay at least 2000 feet away from places children congregate, and they have to wear GPS, in the immortal words of the band Heat Wave, "Always and Forever".

I voted against every new bond measure, but I was in the minority and I think this has to do with the fact that people think "better roads, less traffic" sounds really good, but they don't care to know or understand WHERE that money comes from to get it done. So my kids will be paying for these bonds FOR-EV-ER (anybody seen "The Sandlot"?).

I did vote against the cigarette tax, which proponents said would save lives because people would be forces to smoke less for financial reasons. This one failed, so the special interest folks will have to find some other creative way to make money on a false premise, shouldn't be hard as they obviously have degrees in that particular area.

All in all, things didn't go terribly well for conservatives, but my faith lies not in people, but God ultimately.


Dave Miller said...

Hey Bullfrog, I was with you on most of the "Bond" issues, as if those are not fees/taxes/things we have to pay back. Why don't people understand that?

As one from the more liberal side, it was indeed a good day from my standpoint and it got better today with the resignation of Rumsfeld. Perhaps if Bush had fired him earlier, the GOP might have saved either the House or the Senate.

I am with the GOP in that we need to win, but also with the libs in asking for the how, not just the goal. I think that was the difference.

And no, in the end it will not matter. What matters is Christ and how you live your life for Him.

Revka said...

Glad I found your blog on Chatterbox's site! I agree with everything you said.. Well said I might add. I have 4 kiddos, all boys 7 and under, so needless to say, i don't have the time to really write my thoughts out coherently sometimes.. Usually, it is a fast skip to the computer, then off again..

Anyway, great blog and some great thoughts..

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Yah, thats the thing most conservatives don't gloat and shove it in liberals' faces when we win but it sure isn't the case on their side.

woodrow241 said...

Wow I didnt know that California had any conservatives. Im not sure about the whole liberals gloat more than conservatives thing but I do find the republican lame duck pleas to be quite amusing. They proclaim that Dems should not take the election as an opportunity to blindly go after Bush and the rest of the administration and call for subpoenas and his impeachment. And that they should be nice and work with the president and be cooperative and work towards unity and effective bipartisanship.
How convenient it is for the most politically devicive administration in history to now call for civility and fairness. Its laughable. These jackasses stopped at nothing to bring down and humiliate everyone on the left and anyone who opposed them no matter how they affiliated themselves politically. And lets not forget how unrelenting they were in attacking Clinton.
Personally I dont subscribe to any party on all the issues down the line. I do have many more conservative leanings as I get older and presumably wiser, but I find it incredibly hard to take anything serious that comes from a party so rank with hypocrisy like the current republican party.

Bullfrog said...

revka: thanks for taking the time to stop by! We have 2 little ones and are swamped so I don't know how you manage 4 boys!

LMC: Good to hear from you!

Woodrow: I am more and more leaning towards voting my conscience, something I should have always done. I got caught up in being loyal to the party is was registered under I am ashamed to say.