Monday, April 21, 2008

Global Warming or Cooling? Either Way, It's OUR Fault!

Good article here which echos my thoughts on the insanity that is "Climate Change".

The author points out how the term has changed from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change" since statistics recently uncovered the fact that some parts of the earth are actually cooling.

I would never make the point that we don't need to be good stewards and not use resources wisely, nor would I disagree with the mountain of evidence proving the earth is changing temperature. Where they lose me is their lack of proof that humans are actually causing that temperature fluctuation.

Evangelical Christians are also losing their minds over this issue based on the Biblical teachiing of stewardship. Me thinks they take it to far, and the conservative leadership refusing to take a stance against it doesn't help matters. I call your attention to the "Green" commercials being aired featuring the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich as well as Pat Roberts and Al Sharpton "teaming up" to send the message that the Climate Change farce is a non-partisan issue.

Pretty pathetic, "We never agree an ANYTHING, but we can agree on THIS."


Outside the Box said...

What are your thoughts about it being the most important "issue" of our time? (Considering the affects it will/might have on us, particularly the U.S.)

Bullfrog said...

Because the premise of global climate change, it being caused by humans, is not proven, I think it is less an issue that we need to be concerned about. In fact, making our planet "greener" is already hurting our ability to feed ourselves and help other nations (like China). 30% of U.S. grain farming is dedicated to the production of ethanol as an alternative fuel, and that is depleting the supply to the extent it is raising prices here and leaving less for us to donate to needy countries. This because the fed is subsidizing ethanol production, so of course farmers go where the money is; they have to eat too.

Not to mention, it takes fossil fuel to make ethanol, so, while making a political statement, ethanol really doesn't make us that much greener.