Sunday, June 08, 2008

Is the Smart Money on Hillary as McCain's VP?

While the prospect of having Hillary anywhere near the White House frightens me to no end, would it be a good choice for John McCain to ask her to run alongside him as his V.P.? Understand that I am only speaking in terms of political expediency here; if it were up to me, neither of them would be running the free world. But reality is what it is, and this election year is not ideal for a principled Christian conservative like me. Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily makes a compelling argument here.

If you consider what Hillary accomplished in the popular vote, and just how divided Democratic voters apparently are over Obama and Mrs. Clinton, it makes sense for McCain to go after those people who deep down really want to vote for Hillary. Wouldn't a McCain/Hillary ticket guarantee the bigger states won by her, including California and New York?

Also consider just how alike all 3 of them are in terms of legislative record:

They aren't that far apart politically. In fact, McCain, Obama and Hillary have co-sponsored 86 pieces of legislation in the U.S. Senate since 2005. They agree on the border. They agree on amnesty. They agree on global warming. They agree on more than they disagree.

Actually, this makes pairing Hillary with either Obama or McCain somewhat logical, does it not? Maybe Hillary really is unstoppable politically.

Of course, McCain making Hillary his running mate would go nowhere in winning over the conservative base. But hasn't he already proven, by virtue of the fact that he got the GOP nomination, that he really doesn't need the far right to win the White House?


Ted said...

Why go with Hillary when McCain can go with a much better and more qualified woman (who happens to be a Republican). Take a look at this YouTube re Sarah Palin –

Bullfrog said...

I am familiar with Sarah Palin and respect her conservative views on abortion and the environment. She has also managed to balance public life with a growing family.

Maybe the fact that she is a more traditional conservative AND a woman would help McCain garner support from both the GOP base and women voters? A double-whammy?

This of course assumes the Arizona Senator believes he even needs the Conservative base and that Hillary voters would see a comparison between Mrs. Clinton and Palin.

Dee said...

As much as I distrust McCain there is no way he's this stupid.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Unless he's desperate for angry Hillary supporters, there's no way McCain picks Hillary or any chance Hillary accepts.