Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Love Him or Hate Him, He's Still Got It...

I read the speech to be delivered by President Bill Clinton at the DNC this evening, and I have to admit I was impressed. Whether you can stand him or not, you would be lying if you said he wasn't the master at delivery. He was clearly in his element, doing what he loved. Obama stopped by in an impromptu fashion to thank the Clintons and the Bidens for their support; I would say he owes former President Clinton BIG TIME for delivering the way he did.

And I am NOT a Clinton fan by any stretch...

Some speculate this is "The End" for the Clinton political machine; I wish I could believe that, but the cautious part of me knows that these people will keep coming back like Jason Voorhees.


Outside the Box said...

I'm no supporter of the Clintons by any means, but I'm curious what you think the differences are between Bill and Bush. And I ask this fully acknowledging that there might actually be some that I'm not aware of.

Differences that matter, I should stipulate.

Bullfrog said...

Principle is the main difference. I will use an example from foreign policy:

During his presidency, Clinton sent U.S. Troops to Somalia for the purpose of getting aid to the people there, who were being oppressed by warlords. When things went awry and American's had a reaction to pictures of the bodies of our troops being dragged through the street of Mogadishu, Clinton pulled out. Troops on the ground wanted to stay and complete their mission, something we train them to do but he disregarded that.

Bush, despite the unpopularity of the war in Iraq, persevered, even though some admittedly bad strategy early made for a rough road and now Iraq is getting more stable by the day.

The difference? George Bush remembered the principle upon which we (not just one man) decided to go to Iraq and topple the Saddam regime. Clinton had no particular set of principles to guide him, apparently, because when it got "sticky" he bailed because of public opinion.

This is a single example of several that shows, in spite of obvious similarities politically, Bush is the man I trust more to run the free world.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Yeah, gotta give it to Bubba too, he sure did much better than his wife.