Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Out of the Woodwork...

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh the morning the Sarah Palin announcement was made. Since then, I have been spending alot (some would say too much?) time traveling the blogosphere to gauge the reaction from both sides of the political aisle.

Conservatives have awakened from their McCain-induced slumber and have started getting involved in supporting the GOP candidate by giving to the campaign, buying yard signs, etc. I congratulate McCain and his team for their accomplishment and am glad folks are doing more than "holding their noses" this election year.

On the other hand, the wingnuts on the left have come out of the woodwork in direct opposition to McCain for his VP choice. As I read articles about Palin and the associated comments, I am overwhelmed by the volume of people who are passionately on either side of this issue.

The excitement of Republicans is pretty self-explanatory: they have some assurance that their traditional issues will get some representation now that Palin, proven pro-lifer and fiscal conservative, is on the ticket. And the GOP has a woman running who is capable of capturing as much media attention as she has, which is good for the election, especially in light of the way the MSM has sided on reporting on Obama developments, no matter how trivial. The numbers are in and Obama has gotten "special treatment" by the media, and this was probably the only way for the GOP to steal the limelight. There is more, but I will leave it at that.

Where it gets REALLY interesting, and to a degree a little puzzling (call me naive), is the hateful, panic-stricken response from those who support Obama (or post as "Conservative" while secretly supporting Obama, *wink*). The rhetoric ranges from commenting about how foolish McCain is for his choice to downright "Chicken Little-esque" statements about how the world will come to an end if McCain dies (touching they are suddenly so concerned for his well being) and Sarah Palin is at the helm.

Let's assume that the liberals are correct and that the Republican Party is a bunch of kool-aid drinking, lemmings-off-a-cliff, political morons who do not know what is best for this country.

My question to those so thoroughly against the McCain/Palin ticket is: Why are you trying to so hard to talk them into averting disaster? Why not let the logical end, which according to you is utter implosion, come naturally?

The answer is, they are threatened by the impending 4 years of Republican rule that Sarah Palin represents. Who can blame them. I mean, she respects life, liberty, and the individual pursuit of happiness (hey, that sounds familiar) that they despise so very much. The reaction we are seeing is normal when a party has been utterly complacent, resting on it's laurels arrogantly assuming they had the election in the bag, and are suddenly blind-sided by the likelihood that, once again, they will come up losers.


Outside the Box said...

I believe we have earned each others respect, or else we wouldn't frequent each others blogs as much as we do. (I haven't been holding up my end as well. Sorry about that.) That is an assumption though, since it hasn't been expressed.

So let me state it now. I do respect your opinion. You take your beliefs seriously and you have a tremendous amount of knowledge that I like to tap into from time to time. And probably the most important part for me is that you stay civilized when people disagree with you.

With that said, I have to say that I am disappointed with two parts of this post.

One is the labelling of people who avidly disagree with you as "wingnuts". I make it a point to avoid those who resort to name calling. I don't mean that as a threat, since this is the first time I can think of that you've done so. Mostly, I simply want to express that I'm disappointed. You've always been better than that.

Two, IF I'm reading it correctly, a person who doesn't like the McCain/Palin ticket is also against life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. Is that correct? If so can you understand how someone would find that completely unreasonable? Even ridiculous?

As for the very last part of your post, and I can only speak for myself, I hope McCain doesn't win but it seems clear that the same powers that ran the Bush campaign are running McCain's. Understanding that, there's no way I'm getting my hopes up for Obama to win. (Emphasizing again that I'm not an Obama supporter, but he has done some things to start earning my respect while McCain has done everything he can to lose the respect I used to have for him.)

Bullfrog said...

Thank you for the rebuke, and if I didn't enjoy our discussions, I definitely wouldn't wait around for weeks and weeks for you to post something on your blog!

Admittedly, this post is more emotionally charged than usual, and that is because I have come across some very uncivilized people who have abandoned decency and common sense to attack Sarah Palin, who I believe to be an intelligent, well-meaning, principled person. This emotionally charged vitriol is unfortunately characteristic of the extreme left wing of the Democratic party (hence the "nut" comment).

Like you, I enjoy a good back and forth with any person willing to share ideas civilly.

Who are "the powers" that are running the McCain campaign? I am a little hesitant to get into a discussion about stolen elections, but it would be interesting to know how you think that is possible.