Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Open Border Conspiracy

I heard an interesting piece on talk radio the other day about immigration that directly contradicts what the MSM is putting out there. As I mentioned, it was on the radio, so I have no sources to link you to. I have started some independent research but surprisingly, am unable to find any websites dealing with the issue in this way.

The host of The McGuire Fire, Paul McGuire, asserts that the debate about closing our borders, in particular the U.S./Mexico border, is futile. Why? Because for years the U.S. Government has planned to open the borders for socio-economic reasons. Paul explains that a cheap and disposable work force benefits our economy in such a way that our leadership does not intend to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the U.S.

While I was surprised at hearing this, both because it never occurred to me, and it goes against what we keep hearing from the Left and the Right: that our open border is a major threat to our safety in light of the terrorists that can take advantage of how soft it is.

His perspective is consistent with the lack of real action from our government on this issue. We are told that the budget for the Border Patrol has increased and they have been provided with new officers, as well as new state of the art equipment and housing for detainees. But really, hasn't the number of illegals passing over our border continued to increased in spite of this?

Many are saying that the upcoming election will hinge on which party is tougher on immigration, but using this theory as a premise, I expect to hear alot of promises and no real action when it comes to really closing our borders.

I definitely want to look into this more closely, especially in light of the fact that so many on both sides of this issue are so passionate (including me). I have even emailed Mr. McGuire and asked for sources and plan to do a follow up post real soon.


Little Miss Chatterbox said...

I will be looking forward to your next post. To me this sounds true. It makes a lot of sense.

I am obviously against illegal immigration but I can see both sides of this issue. And to be honest I think it has been exaggerated how much elections are going to hinge on this.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

I think McGuire has a point tho not too many people would come and admit that taking advantage of illegal immigrants does wonders for their business. In New York City you have plenty of "under-the-table" workplaces paying immigrants as low as $5/hour for work that normally gets paid twice as much (not including benefits, etc.). Plus too the illegals are more than happy to work 50 or 60 hour workweeks if you need them too, without saying a word to anybody. However, besides Iraq, I think it's too soon to say what will really factor in the November elections.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

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I think you are right about this and sadly...