Thursday, May 15, 2008

California Supreme Court Forces Homosexual Marriage on California

I get regular emails from Capitol Resource Institute and the latest news regarding Homosexual Marriage in California is truly disturbing.

In a 4-3 decision, the California Supreme Court ruled today that homosexual marriage bans are unconstitutional.

This is a clear case of judicial activism at it's worst, as California voters were already given the opportunity to have their voices heard on this issue in the year 2000 when Proposition 22 was put on the ballot. At that time, voters decided by overwhelming mandate that they believed the definition of marriage in California should be limited to include one man and one woman.

The California Supreme Court basically ignored that, and decided the fate of our state according to their own political agenda and the political agenda of the homosexual community.

I have stated this before on this blog, but it bears repeating: changing the definition of marriage to "whatever" is not just a cute way for the homosexual community to "express their love", as much as they would like you to think that; it has more to do with legitimizing their perverted lifestyle. If it was only a matter of having the same legal rights as married couples in terms of estate, insurance, housing, etc, they already have those things by way of common law marriage and legal partnership.

On the significantly more dangerous side, you have historical evidence that shows what happens to a society when you take something foundational like marriage and family and re-define it into obscurity; the society crumbles because marriage becomes less necessary and the family institution weakens. Those behind the political homosexual agenda are well aware of this, and the affect that having "2 mommies" or "2 daddies" has on children. But they choose to ignore the statistics and the mountain of evidence because of their extreme politically charged beliefs.

On top of all that, it goes against everything our country was built on to allow a minority voice such as the homosexual political machine to speak for the majority of people in this country who believe homosexuals should have equal civil rights, but that marriage is a privilege that should be exclusive to one man and one woman.

It is crystal clear to me, but people in this country, and apparently our judicial representatives, have given in and bought the lie that the homosexual agenda is pushing.


Dee said...

Activist judges strike again!!

I had the home school girls' group that meets at my house watch a movie today called "Iron Jawed Angels". Its about how women got the right to vote.

I told the girls that not only was the cause they were fighting for admirable but it was awesome because they did it the right way, they got it via adding an amendment to the constitution.

As Scalia continually says, if you believe your cause is right, thats fine. Do it through the proper channels, not through judicial activism.

Bullfrog said...

I agree with Scalia completely. The founders of this country made a way for the people to amend the Constitution if necessary, but judges like this are so full of themselves and making the world the way they want it, they subvert the available process and the will of the majority.

They need to go!

It should also be said that we need to get this on the ballot in November so that the California Constitution can be amended now, and do the same for the Federal consititution as soon as possible.

Marriage is under attack and we need to protect it!