Wednesday, May 07, 2008

GOP Needs to Use Foresight to Win in November

Read an interesting article on Politico by way of Right Pundit (check the roll) warning of impending doom for the GOP in November if they don't run strong campaigns and get some funding. a closed-door session at the Capitol, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole (R-Okla.) told members that the NRCC doesn’t have enough cash to “save them” in November if they don’t raise enough money or run strong campaigns themselves.

While it is a delight to watch the chaos in the Democratic nomination race, and the inevitable defeat of Hillary, the GOP doesn't have the cash or the excitement to beat the Democrats in the general election. The "presumptive Republican nominee" isn't exactly a riveting figure that can bring the party together and we need to be concerned about handing Congressional seats to the Democrats as well.

I have been of the opinion all along that McCain would stand a better chance in November against Hillary than Obama, based mostly on the excitement Obama is able to generate while having no real message. Whether that emotional high lasts, resulting in any real loyalty months from now is yet to be seen.

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Dave Miller said...

Bullfrog, first, I look forward to reading your BBQ insights. Maybe one day on my way to Mexico, I can stop in and get a taste. I am passing through San Diego all the time.

On the GOP, I believe this is going to be a bad year for them. For better or worse, they are hitched to President Bush and people are not happy with him.

No sense rehashing all of the reasons. Most political junkies know them.

I believe the best hope this year for the GOP is McCain. I really believe he can win the election because America seems to prefer split gov't.

In the end, I thin k we are in the process of another string of Democratic wins in both the House and Senate.

Even the erstwhile Newt Gingrich sees that the GOP has big problems.

Now... on to the ribs...ummmmm.