Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Will It Be Huckabee for V.P.?

This compliments of Rightpundits, which speculates McCain may go with Mike Huckabee for his #2.

This will go absolutely nowhere to win over Conservatives as most were going with Mitt when given the choice between Romney and Huckabee. One interesting question is, would it bring evangelicals to McCain? I believe Mike's Baptist preacher background helped him get by when his record was clearly lacking in terms of true conservative values. As a Christian myself, I see this as a classic case of "pulling the wool" and a "Huckster" V.P. only increases my displeasure for the McCain ticket.

Of course, like the article states, given the choice between Obama and these 2 clowns, what choice do conservatives have really?

I have never liked desperation...


Dave Miller said...

As a conservative, what is not to like about Huckabee's plan for a flat tax?

It is simple, easy, and dooms the IRS.

I do see Huckabee as indeed helping reach the Christian base of the party, which he won solidly with a pretty solid 25% of primary voters.

It could be the difference in the south, where McCain is weak and might work to offset the African American vote of Obama.

Bullfrog said...

While I agree that a flat tax is a potentially good way of simplifying the tax system, I'm not sure it garners alot of appeal from people who seem down right emotionally attached to the IRS and paying taxes. I think we have come to a point where we are too dependent on the government, so much so, that we don't know what we would do without Social Security, the IRS, etc...

That said, what concerns me about Huckabee is his record as Governor concerning immigration and taxes. He doesn't seem very conservative in light of what he has done.

Dee said...

Desperation is right and its horrible!!!!