Tuesday, May 06, 2008

McCain Presidency Would See No Change in Immigration Policies

Caught this article on Newsmax which, to me, hints at his soft stance on illegal (that's right, I said it) immigration. Right along with all U.S. Presidents of our recent history, Democrat or Republican (even the beloved Ronald Reagan), John McCain will forge ahead toward a more "Global Economy". One thing you cannot have if you want to compete in a global economy is pesky borders between countries. After all, that just slows things down and is downright unfriendly; even racist according to some.

Regardless of how the American people feel about illegal immigration, no matter how many promises are made, or strong statements about "sealing the border", we will continue to see our borders become more and more porous and the tide of illegal immigrants will continue to pour across.

I do not like making that prediction, trust me, but I think the writing has been on the wall for a while and it is infuriating that the will of the people can be selectively ignored in this way.


Outside the Box said...

What do think about the proposed AMERO?


Bullfrog said...

Honestly, it is very disheartening to me because I see it as the beginning of the end of our sovereignty as a nation. We are blurring the lines between cultures, and as "progressive" and noble as that may make us look, I think history has proven that a society that fails to define itself in terms of it's borders, language and culture ceases to be a society.

As you are familiar with the Amero, you have no doubt read something about the North American Union, which is modeled after the EU and seeks to join Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. This is on the back of financial and political expediency.