Wednesday, November 05, 2008

And so it shall be...

Shock and Awe

Wow, I was in my living room last night, kiddies freshly bathed and tucked in, ready for a late night of listening to the totals roll in. I was not prepared for the utter lack of suspense and voter mandate that was to usher in our next President elect. The people of America have certainly spoken, and loudly.


Congratulations to President elect Barack Obama for running an effective campaign and captivating the hearts of millions of Americans with his message of a new kind of administration. The same congratulations goes out to his wife Michelle, who obviously was an outstanding source of encouragement and support. As for the Obama girls, it will be cool to see kids running around on the White House lawn. You said many time during your campaign that you wanted to, "Get to work for the American people", well here is your chance. Serve.


It has already been said, and will likely be said many times more, that the historic nature of this event cannot and should not be ignored. We have just made a black man President of the United States of America for the 1st time in our history, and the reaction I saw and heard from people of all colors and walks of life last night on the news shows that this significance is certainly felt by all.

A Class Act

Senator John McCain made a concession speech that reflected his patriotism and class, and I am certain he has many years left in him working for America in the Senate. His refusal to really go negative was downright frustrating at times, but in the end I think he valued his integrity more than the win, which is admirable.

What's Next

For conservatives, my hope is that our representation will take this loss for what it is: a wake up call. The basic fact of the matter is, you cannot continue to call yourselves conservatives while at the same time spend like crazy, leave our borders wide open to terrorists, and in general NOT act conservative. One of my local Republican representatives went on last night with his reaction and said exactly what needed to be said: conservatives need to get back to traditional conservative values as demonstrated by Ronald Reagan. You all have 4 years to make some serious changes; GET TO WORK!

Marriage Safe in California!

Proposition 8, which added an amendment to the Constitution of California defining marriage as between one man and one woman, passed with flying colors with basically 54% of the voters voting "Yes". To be honest, I was more concerned about this issue than all other ballot issues, or even who would become President. I was astounded by the number of people in the media that were holding out hope that the proposition would be struck down. The votes for "Yes" lead in the count all night, but news folks kept saying, "It isn't over yet, there are still votes to be counted." This would seem reasonable enough, except they had no problem calling other propositions that were not as close. Even the Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, got on and said he would find it hard to believe Californians would pass such a measure that would "deny rights to people."

That was the nature of the "No On 8" campaign; generalize and reduce marriage to a pronouncement of love and not a means for society to continue to exist through healthy relationships that naturally result in children. I know that is wrong, and it looks like most California voters agree with me.

I am sure this is not over, as the homosexual lobby will not give up and are well financed. For now, the people have spoken.

As for me...

I will continue to watch the administration closely and keep calling and writing my representatives to make sure my voice is heard. You should do the same. I find comfort in the fact that ultimately it is God who appoints leaders over us, and that His wisdom is far above my own.


Patrick M said...

A-frickin-Men to all this.

What surprises me is that anyone chooses to be negative on the day after an election. After all, it's proof that our system works (albeit imperfectly) and that we pass the torch from one party to the next peacefully and with grace.

Also, thanks for being the most consistent voice on my live blog yesterday. It makes me think there really is hope....

Bullfrog said...

No worries man, I enjoyed it. That last guy who was on just before you signed out (can't remember his moniker) and I chatted for a bit about the issues, daughter, dogs, you know, no big whoop.

Fortunately, there were no weirdos that I had to regulate on.

TAO said...

Are there possibility two sane conservatives on the internet?

Who would have known?

I remember when Ronald Reagan won the Presidency...

I didn't like supply side economics and I didn't believe then that economic growth would increase tax revenues and pay down the debt we were incurring.

But, I will say I respected the man and I appreciated how he got us to focus on the greatness of America. I was a REAL socialist back then, not one of these Obama types...but I can respect a man who holds different views than I do when I realize that he wants the same thing that I do and our only difference was that we have different ways of achieving the same goal.

That is why I have respect for Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and now Barak Obama.

I also just realised that there is a BIG gap between Ronald Reagan and Barak Obama....lets call those the missing years!

I am sure that I will disagree with alot of what Barak Obama will attempt to do but I do believe that he cares for this country as much as Ronald Reagan did.

I also wish that John McCain had won in 2000 I think today would have been a different day...

But John will go down as a very odd footnote in history...

Bullfrog said...

tao: I think civil best describes my attitude. I fail to see the value in complaining, unless a solution follows close behind. Obama will be the Prez and I shall make the best of it. Of course, that will include lowering my taxable income as much as possible to keep his hands out of my pockets.

I also believe Obama is a basically good man, and is doing what he thinks is best for the country. He and I just disagree on what is best for the country, so I didn't vote for him, and I will give constructive criticism when appropriate, write my representatives, etc.

Mr. Grey Ghost said...

Hey, I voted for McCain, even in liberal New York, just had to do my part.

Bullfrog said...

GG: I voted 3rd party, but being from very liberal California, that was a pretty safe move.