Sunday, November 09, 2008

Some More Obama Appointments...

Courtesy of Dick Morris, I have a few more appointments to add to the list:

Obama-Biden Transition Project

  • John Podesta - Co-chairman of the transition team. Formerly White House Chief of Staff under Clinton (1998-2001).

  • Carol Browner - On the advisory board of the transition team. Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency for both Clinton terms and is the longest-serving administrator in the history of the agency.

  • Federico Pena - Another Transition advisory board member. Served as United States Secretary of Energy under Clinton.

  • Bill Daley - Secretary of Commerce under Clinton, named to Obama's transition advisory board.

  • Larry Summers - Named to Obama Transition Economic Advisory Board. Secretary of the Treasury under Clinton and was President of Harvard University.

  • Susan Rice - Also named to the Obama-Biden Transition Project advisory board, after serving as a senior foreign policy advisor to the Obama campaign. Served under Clinton as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs as well as serving on the National Security Council.

  • Michael Froman - Top executive at Citigroup now advising the transition process.

  • Stephanie Cutter - Chief Spokesperson to Obama-Biden Transition Project after serving as senior advisor to the Obama Presidential campaign. She was Deputy Communications Director under Clinton, Associate Administrator for Communications at the E.P.A., Communications Director for Edward M. Kennedy, Communications Director for the DNC, and campaign spokeswoman to the Kerry campaign.

  • Christopher Edley - Dean of U.C. Berkley and former professor to Obama, now serving on the Transition Project advisory board.

  • Maria Echaveste - Wife of Christopher Edley (previous), formerly an advisor to Bill Clinton, and Deputy Chief of Staff. Attended U.C. Berkley and now serves as an advisor to Obama's transition team.

  • Christine Varney - Personnel counsel for Obama-Biden Transition Project. Served as a Federal Trade Commissioner under Clinton as well as Secretary to the Cabinet.

    They all have similar pedigrees: law school, serving under Clinton in some capacity and involved in liberal organizations. Dick Morris noted that this certainly doesn't LOOK like the administration designed for change, it just looks like the Clinton administration "part deux". No matter how you look at it, this team is very partisan and seems to indicate "making nice" with Republicans is not a high priority for Obama. As the Democrats have the power right now in pretty much every regard, an Obama administration certainly isn't obligated to reach out to the GOP, but Obama definitely said he would if he got elected. I suppose time will tell.

    Patrick M said...

    Clinton's third term?

    Oh well, better than Carter's second, I guess.

    Mr. Grey Ghost said...

    Hey Bullfrog I just noticed that in a comment you left on my blog just now (the "Barack Invents Office of President-Elect"), there's a quote from "chessdad" in there that I'm wondering how it got there? Been noticing some weird stuff going on at my blog (like changes to font sizes, and post presentation) so I'm curious about it. Please let me know via email when u get a chance at, thanks!!


    TAO said...

    Dick Morris? Isn't he a little short white guy that got caught with a black hooker and I believe leather was involved?

    At least one thing I do know about him is that he follows the money....I wonder if MSNBC would hire him what kind of stories he would have about Fox News....

    Bullfrog said...

    tao: so Dick Morris' years in politics, including working with the world's most skilled politician (maybe until just recently), Bill Clinton, means nothing because it turns out he is an imperfect human being?

    Tell me who you read, and I will find that person's transgressions as well.

    Roderick said...

    I love how people are trying to charactarize Obama's first term based upon the people he is using to fill his inner circle.

    The reason that Obama is tapping these people is because this country is in crisis and he needs the experience and doesn't have the luxury of bringing fresh faces to Washington and allowing them to get on the job training-- no thanks to Bush.

    Bullfrog said...

    Roderick: I am giving Obama the benefit of the doubt that he is choosing these folks based on their resume. Obviously they are sharp and capable people.

    The reaction people are having to Rahm is kinda funny. Democrats will have their time, and we are all along for the ride, so even if they are blatantly partisan, it seems almost silly to call them on it.

    Rivka said...

    I agree. This doesn't sound like the Obama message of change. It is like the Obama going back to Clinton change.

    Bullfrog said...

    Rivka: I know what you mean, drawing from the "establishment" to fill your cabinet doesn't really jibe with the change mantra and the promise of a new kind of government. At the same time, I am not sure I would be more comforted by an Obama administration full of people we have never heard of.