Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Angry Gay, Anti-Prop 8 Mob Attacks Elderly Woman

On election day in my home state of California Proposition 8, which amended the Constitution of California to define marriage as "between a man and a woman", passed overwhelmingly with 52.3% of voters voting "Yes". Ever since then, the gay community and those who sympathize with their assertion that they "deserve" to re-define marriage to include themselves, have taken to the streets in angry, disorganized, aggressive mobs in an attempt to intimidate citizens and our state government.

This is not a peaceful gathering of people who sincerely want to have their voices heard. The video above is an example of selfish rage aimed at anyone who would dare to defy their agenda. The woman in the video had just as much right to be there holding her cross to express her religious views and be a voice of dissent on this important issue. She was calm and polite, even after her sign was aggressively taken from her, thrown to the ground, and trampled by a bunch of guys half her age and twice her size. When she was interviewed by the reporter, she continued to be civil and polite, only asking that she have the freedom to speak her mind.

The icing on the cake was at the end of the video, when the news anchor commented that there was, "Anger and hatred on both sides of this issue". If anyone can show me the mobs taking to the streets after 4 state supreme court justices overturned the will of a majority of California voters back in June when they declared marriage to be a "fundamental right"" and overturning Proposition 22, I will concede that point.

Some advice to the gay mob: don't ask me to peacefully tolerate, or accept, your lifestyle, unless you at least plan to act in similar fashion when I speak out.

69 year old citizen of Palm Springs, CA, Phyllis Burgess, is pressing charges after being encouraged by law enforcement to do so. Good for you, Phyllis.

Hat tip: GreyGhost


TAO said...

Well, that is really sad, but it is obvious from the video that the poor old lady was part of another group (guy in pink shirt) who were there to disrupt and make a statement....pretty organized set up and not just some poor old lady who was minding her own business....

You will enjoy my post tomorrow on the whole gay marriage will flip the wig off the little old lady.... :)

Bullfrog said...

Tao: I assumed she was not acting alone, but was part of another protest group on the scene who was also acting according to their rights under law to peacefully protest. Whether their purpose was to "disrupt" the "anti-8" protest is a matter of opinion.

I look forward to your post on gay marriage, and I never pass up an opportunity to discuss what I believe is the most important issue of our time.

Patrick M said...

I've been kind of on the fence on this issue, being me.

However, I have serious intolerance for the intolerant. I'm just glad there were cameras there. Otherwise she may not have made it out intact.

To borrow a comparison with legitimate civil rights, the black community marched peacefully and took beatings to earn their equality.

This rabble chooses the anger and intimidation route. That makes me think they're not looking for equality after all.

Patrick M said...

Tao: This isn't about the issue, it's about the thugs behind the issue.

Bullfrog said...

Patrick: My sentiments exactly. Obviously, I disagree that California, or any other state, should re-define marriage in the name of political correctness. At the same time, putting the issue itself aside, these people that are speaking for the "anti-8" movement are vandalizing churches, screaming at people, and assaulting people.

How is this voicing your beliefs and NOT purely an attempt to intimidate?

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